Our Statement of Faith

We believe in the Trinity, God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and the Bible as the Word of God. Salvation comes through grace by believing in Jesus Christ as the only begotten Son of God, our Savior and Lord. Once saved, the Holy Spirit indwells, thereby instructing, guiding, and empowering the individual to follow the mandate of Jesus Christ in Daily living. CWJC/CMJC, a ministry of WMU, is a response to this mandate.

The 8 Key Elements of CWJC

Key Elements are the essentials of Christian Women's Job Corps. These 8 Key Elements are:

  1. Certified Site Coordinator - This person facilitates the ministry and is trained by National WMU.

  2. Advisory Council - This group is a support system and resource for the site coordinator.

  3. Needs Assessments - These are assessments that define and shape the ministry.

  4. Covenants - Created to establish expectations, roles, and processes for all those involved in the ministry.

  5. Evaluation - Necessary to provide growth and feedback,

  6. Mentors - Every woman who is enrolled in CWJC will be matched to a trained mentor, or Journey Partner, to be a friend, confidant, and encourager.

  7. Bible Study - Reading and studying God's Word. Bible studies are led by mature Christian women.

  8. Networking - CWJC of Bell County works with many local churches, agencies, and businesses.

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CWJC® is a Ministry of WMU® and Bell Baptist Association a 501 (c)(3) non-profit agency.

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